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So, you decided to to take action. CONGRATULATIONS! You just placed yourself in a surprisingly small percentage of society–people who take ACTION on their ideas.


Your next action step is quite important. It is to set the basic direction you will take in your BLOG 4 BUCKS program. It is also quite pleasant and rewarding, since it will require that you think about some of your favorite things.


First, what are you PASSIONATE ABOUT? Maybe it is cooking; astrology; fishing; your children; virtual reality websites; video games; fashion; nutrition; exercise; camping; hunting; fine dining; wine. You already know what it is–that is where your mind goes whenever it doesn’t have to be thinking about something else.

Write it down.


Next, in what area are you an EXPERT? Ideally, this will also pertain to what you are passionate about. Maybe not–maybe it is what you studied or have worked at for a long time.

Write it down.


Next, what do people want to listen to you talk about? Maybe it is war stories. Maybe your relationship with a famous person. Possibly you traveled extensively and had many fascinating experiences.

Write it down.


What else are you interested in, or is interesting about you? One of the most boring people I ever met spent most of his spare time fishing for steelhead trout. He had an uncanny ability to catch more steelhead than any ten other people I ever met, combined. On the rare occassions that he would talk about fishing, EVERYONE would listen–even the people who hated to fish.

Write it down.


Now pour a cup of your favorite beverage, kick back and peruse your list. Which of those subjects gives you the most satisfaction to share with others?

Circle it.


Now think about all the stuff that you invested in that pertain to that subject. Maybe you learned to meditate from a book or a video. Do you have, or hope to have, the world’s best bowling ball? Is there a fishing lure you know about that never fails to attract the larger trout? Whatever it is, odds are very good that there is already an affiliate program or retail opportunity in place so that you can earn money from sharing why it is so special. THIS is your first Blog 4 Bucks project.


Determining this in advance will help you set up the “right” theme on your blog site. If you will be promoting just one item in each blog post or page, this super-simple “Squeeze-me” theme may be best for you. It does not clutter your post with distracting side columns, etc. On the other hand, if you would like to offer an array of items, one of the more complicated columnal themes may be best for you.


Nap time — more to come …



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