Dumbass Rich People

Why ain't you rich?Have you seen those little signs with the question that reads:
  “If yer so damn smart, why ain’t you rich?”


THE ANSWER IS: “Because smart is NOT a prerequisite to getting rich.” In fact, for most people, “smart” totally gets in their way.


I’ll bet you (like me) have met some amazingly dumbass people who were rich. That used to bother me. Why were they rich when some smart-ass with a high I.Q. score (like me) barely gets by from payday to payday? That just didn’t seem right!


But I finally figured it out. It was so obvious that any smart-ass (like me) should have seen it right away.


They got rich because they were dumbasses.


Dumbass  people come up with a lot of dumbass ideas. Smart-ass people (like me) come up with dumbass ideas too. But, being smart, we recognize that they are dumbass ideas, laugh about them, then forget about them and move on to something “smarter.”


Dumbass  people just don’t get that “move on” part. They get crazy excited about dumbass ideas, then foolishly get busy working on them. Dumbass people take ACTION on crazy, stupid, dumbass ideas.


Smart-ass people (like me) think about it. Consider it. Reconsider it. Evaluate it. Re-evaluate it. Make a pros and cons list. Take surveys. Market analysis. Cost analysis. Consider alternate approaches. There is just too much smart stuff to be done to ever find the time to get started actually doing something constructive about them …

… meanwhile, the dumbass people have already either totally failed and are already taking action on their next dumbass idea–or, they are making butt loads of money from it because they acted on it, and other dumbasses liked it.




PetRockWant some examples? How about the “Pet Rock”? Now that was a dumbass idea if I ever heard of one! Only a dumbass would ever think he could sell rocks to smart people (like me). What kind of moron would spend good money on a rock in a box when there were free rocks and free boxes to be picked up everywhere?

       (Now that I am thinking about it, I wonder what ever happened to my pet rock. I loved that little guy! …)


HulaHoopsHow about a short length from a broken garden hose stuck together with a piece of dowel … who would spend money to buy such a dumbass product? (20 million Hula Hoops were sold in the first 6 months of production in 1958. Two of those were mine.)


frisbeeHow about a pie tin made of soft plastic? Ridiculous! (300 million “Frisbees” have been sold since 1955.)


Okay — you get the point. Dumbass ideas can make money. LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY!


I am now a recovering smart-ass with aspirations of becoming a dumbass rich person.


So here is an idea that only a dumbass would think might work. It is how you and anyone who does social media can earn money by making a few simple adjustments to something that you likely already love to do:

  • SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES on a monetized blog. Get paid from reader response.
  • SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE on a monetized blog. Earn money while people learn  from you.
  • SHARE YOUR OPINIONS on a monetized blog. Earn money as people react, pro or con.
  • RECOMMEND THINGS YOU LOVE on a monetized blog. Earn money when people buy and try them.
  • WARN ABOUT THINGS THAT SUCK on a monetized blog. Earn money by recommending alternatives.
  • SELL THINGS YOU MAKE AS A HOBBY through a monetized blog. For example, my daughter can’t keep up with the demand for her finger puppets, Raggedy dolls, crocheted hats, rag purses and wallets, etc.
  • SELL ELECTRONIC DELIVERIES of your e-books, classes, comedy routines, etc. through your monetized blog
  • The possibilities are ENDLESS. In the whole, wide online world, there are many, many people looking for exactly what you know, did or have to offer.


When I find something that I really love; something that solves a problem for me; something that makes my life better in some way; there are two things that I know about that:


1. There are plenty of other people who want to know about it also, and,

2. There is someone who will gladly pay me to tell those people about it.


It isn’t difficult to find those people either, if you know how. Affiliate marketing is a huge, huge, huge presence on the Internet. I doubt that we could find anything for sale online for which we couldn’t find a payment incentive for convincing other people to buy or try. The trick is to be sincere, trustworthy and honest in our sharing so that “our people” continue to put their trust in our recommendations.


But, could YOU do it?


Here is how:

  1. We set you up with a unique Internet Marketing Blog that you refer people to from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Tsu, Pinterest, SecondLife, Adwords, BingAds, etc.
    1. You have your choice of hundreds of themes to fit YOUR unique style and personality.
    2. You can choose to personalize a subdomain on one of our established, aged websites, or get your own unique domain name for only $15/year. Either way the hosting investment cost is the same.
    3. Your blog setup includes a state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization tool, spam-free contact form, sophisticated security utilities and much more, depending upon your needs.
  2. We show you how simple and easy it is to author posts and administer your blog.
    1. We provide ongoing training and support until you are completely comfortable on your own.
    2. We teach you to choose effective keywords for SEO.
    3. We share effective writing tips and techniques to help you get better conversions.
  3. We show you how to use PayPal to accept payments for items you sell yourself.
  4. We show you how to find and install affiliate programs that will pay you for your referrals
  5. We show you how to add Google’s Adsense to your blog to take advantage of their ad revenue sharing program.
  6. We will even offer you the opportunity to market some of the products that we offer. We carry the inventory and ship the products for you at a pre-arranged discount price. You keep the difference.
  7. We will offer you ideas about how to write and format your posts for maximum effectiveness, but you be the judge of how you do it. Remember dumbass people usually get better results than the really smart-ass people (like I used to be).


Sounds expensive though–right?


But, it isn’t!

Would you believe only $5 per month, payable annually at $60/year?  If you earn only $10 per month you will double your investment!

BUT HURRY! I suspect that I will soon discover that it was really a dumbass idea to only charge $5 per month for all that I am offering. You will want to be locked in for a year before that becomes apparent to me.


I mean, just how dumbass is it of me to offer to train and support you plus give you a business opportunity for a full year for only $5 per month?


So, are you dumbass enough to see this as a great idea?


If you are “smart-ass” (like I used to be–now in recovery) you will smartly pause and take some time to think it over. Compare it to other offers. Consider the risks. Ask the opinion of others. Here is why that won’t work for you with Blog 4 Bucks:

  • I can only work with a few new people at a time. My “dance card” is going to fill up fast, and there won’t be room for you.
  • If you are prone to “paralysis by analysis,” you won’t do well with this anyway. It requires ACTION. You must be willing to make mistakes on the fly.
  • Once I learn just how dumbass it was to offer it all at this price, the price will go up–likely by a LOT.


If you are dumbass enough (as I now aspire to be) you will take IMMEDIATE ACTION and evaluate your ACTUAL results on the fly. You can’t even get a full meal at McDonald’s for what the MONTHLY investment is for this. If you really work at it, you should earn enough that you won’t ever have to eat at McDonald’s again …




Click HERE, fill out the contact form, choose the full year and begin to BLOG 4 BUCKS! I will see you on the inside …

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