Blog 4 Bucks = 24/7 Money Generating Machines

Too much month at the end of the moneyDo you have too much month
left at the end of the money?

 If you answered “Yes,” Blog 4 Bucks may be your solution.


BLOG 4 BUCKS IS FOR:  Creative,  Imaginative People who enjoy investing their spare time in the Art of Earning Money.

 The Blog 4 Bucks program is for creative, imaginative people who have more spare time than they have spare money. It is a surprisingly simple way to use some of your spare time to set up low-maintenance money-generators on the Internet. Money-generators that continue to work for you day and night–even better on weekends and holidays than during the week–while you sleep, play and begin to imagine and create your next money-generating idea.

 The most attractive part of the program is that you do not need to spend years of your valuable time learning to write code, design websites, use PhotoShop to generate “killer” graphics, become a hypnotic copywriter, fend off malicious hackers and spammers or keep up with the latest Google search engine algorithms. All of that is done for you at a price so low that to reveal it now would actually make you skeptical of the true value of the program.

 It is like being handed the keys to your brand-new car. You don’t need an advanced degree in mechanical engineering or an understanding of internal combustion engines. You only need to learn how to start it and drive away.

Who it is NOT for.

The first line of this presentation identified that it is for creative, imaginative people. So as to not waste anyone’s time, here is who it is NOT for.

  • If the extent of your creativity is choosing which sitcom re-run to watch while you drain a six-pack of Bud Lite, this isn’t for you.
  • If there is nothing, ever, that gets you excited and joyful, this isn’t for you.
  • If you were to discover an amazing restaurant, or a deeply moving movie but had no feeling t share that knowledge with others, this isn’t for you.
  • If you generally dislike people and hope they get sick and die, this is definitely not for you!

On the other hand, if you enjoy life and are willing to share your joy with the world, this MAY BE JUST WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR.

$$ Thousands Spent Every Second.

 To illustrate how real the opportunity is for creative, imaginative people, “Time” has created an active graphic that reports how much money Americans alone are spending online every second. You can view it HERE if it is still online. (Spoiler alert: IT IS A LOT!)

There is more money spent for online retail purchases each 5 seconds than the average American worker earns in an entire year. Since there are  thirty-one million, five hundred and thirty six thousand seconds in a 365 day year, that is a whole lot of bucks to be blogging for!

But, Can YOU Do It?

Probably yes. First, answer these two questions:

  • Is there ANYTHING that you know about that many others don’t know about, but which would benefit them if they did?
  • Could you explain the value of it to them if you had the chance?

If you answered “Yes” to both questions, then there are bucks available to be earned through blogging about it. Just think of the millions of items being sold through alone. The Amazon Associates program pays for referrals that result in sales. Google shares a percentage of their $billions of advertising revenue income, and that is merely for clicks. The “clicker” doesn’t even have to buy anything.

There is an affiliate program for almost everything that sells. Tens of thousands of very average people do it. Why not you?

Why People Will Trust You.

 Who do you trust more: A salesperson at an auto dealership, or friends who owns an automobile they bought there?

Your answer is obvious. The salesperson is motivated to support a bank account. Your friend is motivated to support the friendship. All you must do is always be completely honest with your recommendations to sustain and enhance the inherent trust of your people. The more you help them, the more of your help they will seek.

How It Works.



  • Hosted Internet Service with 200 MB of online storage.
  • Up-to date WordPress installation.
  • A free theme selected by you to fit your needs (there are currently nearly 3,000 to choose from).
  • The six most effective security plugins to help protect your site.
  • The most effective Search Engine Optimization plugin.
  • Simple, brief Video tutorials to show you how easy it is to “drive” your site.
  • Support by telephone, Skype and Google Hangouts as needed.
  • Site Administrator setup for you or your designee.
  • Coaching on choosing affiliate programs, products and services for you to monetize.
  • Advice on setting up a payment gateway, if needed.


  • Pay a one-time setup and training fee <1>
  • Pay a monthly Internet hosting fee <2>
  • Choose and registered your domain name <3>
  • Provide initial Setup information
    1. User name
    2. Password
    3. Authorization code
  • Choose products or programs to promote and how you will get paid.
  • Write “Posts” and “Pages” to tell people why you prefer the products or programs.
  • Include affiliate links and/or product purchase information in your posts
  • Choose a secure method for getting paid.
  • Funnel people to your site through social media, online articles, e-mail, newsletters, etc.

What If You Don’t Like It?

Guarantee Seal

You have 30 days from the date your Administrator account is set up to cancel your program for a full refund of the setup and training fee and the hosting fees paid. You keep any money earned and received through your site up to the time of cancellation. ABCompany reserves the right to continue any cancelled installation under our ownership at our sole discretion.


  1. > One-time setup and training fee of $97
  2. > A monthly hosting fee $5 paid annually at $60/year or $9 monthly
  3. > In lieu of a unique registered domain name, a sub-domain name can be provided to you at no extra cost.

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