Why “Blog 4 Bucks” Equals “Blogging for Money” For You

Hi! I am Bruce Wesley Chenoweth, creator of “Blog 4 Bucks”–the world’s easiest way for you to start blogging for money. This explains why it has come to benefit you.


In 1993 my then-82 year old mother was seriously injured. Those injuries permanently disabled her. She also suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. My stepfather was completely blind. He had relied on her for life’s essentials. They were in deep trouble, and didn’t know what to do.

Many years before I had promised my mother that I would not ever abandon her to the horrors of a nursing home. To keep that promise I chose to abandon our profitable Seattle area businesses instead. We moved ourselves to the rural town in Idaho where she lived. We became full-time, un-paid caregivers.

It would have been hard enough under normal circumstances for a “city boy” to find an appropriate job in rural Idaho. The need to constantly be at home caring for disabled parents further compounded that challenge. The smaller our savings became, the more desperate we became for a new income solution.

I read that many people were earning substantial incomes using the Internet. Blogging for money was becoming an occupation. It was something that could be done from home in spare time. It sounded perfect! But, I had no clue how to do it, or even how to go about learning. I started anyway, using the expensive “trial and error” method.

Over the past 20 years I learned a tremendous amount about Internet Marketing. The first thing learned was to beware of Internet Marketers who promise to teach you how to do it. Many of them make their fortunes by selling useless information to people who are desperate to learn the business.

Although those first “errors” wasted thousands of needed dollars, it all has ultimately paid off. Each e-mail reporting another nice deposit to PayPal or one of the bank accounts stimulates a special kind of joy. Of course, every check arriving by snail-mail is joyfully appreciated too.

Some of the income is continuing from posts and pages that were put up years ago–still quietly working for us day and night. The amount we now earn from blogging for money makes that initial investment seem insignificant.

But, it was NOT insignificant back then! Every wasted dollar was painful and frustrating. If there was any trustworthy, reliable and inexpensive program that totally supported blogging for money, it was a well-kept secret.

The Blog 4 Bucks program is designed to be that complete solution for “newbies.” If you choose to learn blogging for money, it is SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU. It saves you from going through the same painful, expensive learning curve that most beginners face. You can stand on the shoulders of experience to reach even greater heights of income potential.

Here is the flash explanation of Blog4Bucks:

  • We set you up with online with all the “nuts and bolts” in place, hand you the keys and teach you to drive.
  • You merely have to choose your products, load them in and commence selling them.

By analogy, you don’t need to build the truck you will use to take your products to market. We provide the truck–you just load it and deliver.

Add to all this that your timing is perfect! Because the program is still being tweaked, training videos recorded, etc. the $100 set-up and training fee is being waived for everyone who joins or gets on the waiting list NOW. You still get the entire program, including training and support. The difference is these will be by a real person during normal workdays rather than videos that you can learn from anytime, day or night.

About the waiting list. You may not be able to join just yet. Because we currently provide individual support and training, the number of new memberships is temporarily being limited. Check the payment gateway to see if any spots are available that you can grab RIGHT NOW. If not, Contact Us and ask to be added to the waiting list. Everyone on the waiting list will have their setup and training fee waived, even if the program becomes fully functional by the time you get in.

There is TRULY no time for hesitation! Do it NOW before the video training program launches and save $100.

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