06 Adding Images

Adding Images and Graphics

Compare the quality of these two photo images:

Inserting Media 300Inserting media 5000Can you tell the difference between them?

The difference is that the first one was re-sized to 300 x 198 pixels BEFORE UPLOADING. It takes only about 15 kilobytes of storage. The second one was uploaded without re-sizing, and takes 546 kilobytes–more than 36 times as much storage space!

Now, there may be a time when you need to upload a large file. To see why, click on each image and compare the result …

If you require the ability to click and view a high-resolution image, it can be done–but you will run out of your allotted space many times faster if you do.

I normally re-size my photos to 300 pixel wide JPEGs for addition to web pages. This is adequate while being very space economical. I very rarely ever size one more than the width of the display area of the page it will be presented on.

WCW-2015-thumbIf I must share a large size image or group of images, I usually save it to one of the free “cloud” storage sites, then link to it from a “thumbnail” size image on my site. An example of this would be the very large, very high resolution drawing images from the “Washington County Weed Calendar” for 2015. Click the thumbnail image to the left for an example of this practice.

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