03 Posts v. Pages

What is the difference?

A WordPress Post can be likened to newspapers or other periodicals.POSTS are more in the moment.

  • Their ORDER is established by the date and time that they are published. In this way, they are similar to a newsletter, newspaper or other periodical.
  • The latest Post appears on the Posts page as the number one featured item, It is then¬† incrementally replaced by newer posts until it disappears from the Posts page, only to be found in the archives.
  • They are identifiable, and therefore searchable, by Categories, Tags and content.
  • Although they do remain on the site until they are deleted, they are not expected to have enduring immediate value to support the intended purpose of the site.

WordPress Pages can be likened to the pages of a bookPAGES are of a more permanent nature.

  • They are like the pages in a book.
  • The date and time they are published means very little, if anything at all.
  • If left unspecified, they automatically arrange themselves alphabetically.
  • A numeric order can be specified for each page. Doing so overrides the alphabetical arrangement.
  • They can also be arranged in a Hierarchy, as in a Parent/Child relationship. The hierarchy can go down many levels, i.e. Subject/Book/Section/Chapter/Page/footnotes/ etc.
  • They remain in position until they are intentionally removed or re-ordered.
  • Pages are NOT Categorized or Tagged. They are, however, searchable by content.

A more complete explanation of POSTS vs. PAGES can be found HERE.

Please watch this tutorial video in Full Screen mode.

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