02 User Profile

Updating your User Profile

  1. Log in to enter your “Dashboard” area.
  2. Mouse over “Users” in the left column. Click on “Your Profile.”
    (ALTERNATE: Mouse over “Howdy, …” in the upper right corner, click on “Edit My Profile.”)
  3. Choose a new color scheme for your Dashboard if you like.
  4. For now, leave Keyboard Shortcuts NOT selected. You can change this later, if you feel a need to speed up comment moderation
  5. For now, select “Show toolbar when viewing site.” This adds a control toolbar at the top while you are logged in which makes it easier to add and edit pages and move around in your site. You can change this later, after you have an established site that you don’t edit often.
  6. You cannot change your Username. If this is important to you, you can add another Username for yourself  then Log In on that account and delete this one.
    NOTE 1. Since you cannot use the same e-mail for two different users, you may need to change to a different address on the User account that you will be deleting before you add the new one.
    NOTE 2. Be certain to assign your own new User identity as an Administrator so that you can continue to manage your site.
  7. Complete your information down through “Biographical Info.” Note that only the “Nickname” and “E-mail” fields are required. All others are optional.
  8. If you gave a temporary password with your setup information, change your password to one that indicates “STRONG” in the Strength Indicator. Use a combination of upper and lower letters, numbers and symbols in a non-intuitive pattern. For example, if your mnemonic image is “peanut butter” scramble it, like ^Bu+Tt&Er4nUt6PeA*.
  9. To help establish yourself as a searchable author, enter your full name and any titles you have (i.e. “PhD.”) and a description of what you are about in the WordPress SEO settings section.
  10. BE CERTAIN TO SAVE YOUR WORK by clicking the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page. If you leave this page without updating, your changes will be lost.

Please watch this tutorial video in Full Screen mode:

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