Can YOU?

A Weird answer to “Can YOU work from home and make money online by blogging?”


Why is it weird?  Because I hope to discourage most of the people who come to this page before they waste their time and, little though it might be, their money.

You see, as I was researching appropriate keyword phrases for this page, I became acutely aware why most people fail as entrepreneurs. The clue is in these numbers: (See how quickly you pick up on it.)

  • “How to earn money online” 49,500 monthly searches
  • “How to make money online” 110,000 monthly searches.
    (more than twice as many)

  • Earn money from home” 14,800 monthly searches
  • Make money from home” 40,500 monthly searches
    (almost three times as many)

  • “How to earn money” 33,100 monthly searches
  • “How to make money” 246,000 monthly searches
    (nearly seven and a half times as many)

If you “got it” right away, you are smarter than I was many years ago before I heard Earl Nightingale say “The only people who make money work in a mint. The rest of us have to earn it!”

If you can see the difference… If you are ready and willing to earn your money… If you get that although this may be simple it isn’t necessarily easy… If you are willing to make the effort to learn and apply some proven online marketing techniques, then you definitely can work from home and earn money online by blogging!

On the other hand, if you are looking for big payoffs of lots of easy money from minimum effort–sorry, but you got in the wrong line. That line forms at your nearby job service organization or welfare office. You may as well stop reading at this line.

Still with me?

Then for you, the short answer is “Yes!” If you learn and work to earn money, then you are one of many who will be successful in your efforts to earn money online. The question now becomes “How successful will you be?”

Personal Qualities of a Successful Blogger.

People read, listen, watch and otherwise act to enrich their lives in some way. A successful blogger has certain personal qualities that transfer richness to readers. Here are a few of those personal qualities:


If you experience appreciation for something, blog about it. Your words become a recommendation for like-minded people to look into it. By monetizing* your recommendations, everybody wins.


Your artistic abilities can be used to compel even the most left-brained people to your WordPress site. Whether beautiful, soothing, shocking, alarming or disgusting–art attracts attention. Attention brings readers.


You can employ your creative skills to draw attention to the products, services, ideas, paths and principles that you are promoting.


If you can tell the good stuff from the bad stuff–the high-quality from the shoddy–the thrilling from the mediocre–then you can develop an audience of thousands. People can save much time and money from your recommendations. You will be able to  monetize* your site in many different ways.


Smiles and laughter adds lightness to our lives that cannot be attained in any other way. If you always provide them a respite of levity, your readers will always be eager to open your posts and pages.


If you can add depth and clarity to people’s understanding of this crazy experience called “life,” many will not only gather at your feet, but at your blog as well.


Your knowledge is constantly sought by others. There is no more effective means of sharing it than through the Internet. There is no easier and less expensive way than through a WordPress site.

Weird (“unique”).

There are obviously many more valuable and monetize-able qualities that fall between knowledgeable and weird, but a long, complete list could get boring. If there is a “money-shot” in blogging, it has to be the weird, the bizarre, the unusual and the unexpected. The highest money-earners in the world tend to fit this description in one way or another.

So, if you think yourself to be “too weird” or “too different” to be a great blogger, think again. That might just be your golden key to riches and fame.

In Summary.

If you are the type of person who understands that true wealth is earned through study and application of proven, effective principles, and you are willing to work for it, then you are the type of person who doesn’t need to make money–you are poised and ready to begin earning money. We hope that one of the methods that you choose for earning money is through membership in Blog 4 Bucks.

For the ridiculous low price of $5 per month, how could you possibly go wrong?

Of course, you know this start-up pricing can’t last, so grab your membership and your fully-loaded WordPress site now before we come to our senses and raise the price up to what this is worth …



 *MONETIZE = “convert into or express in the form of currency.”

Here are a few of the more popular ways of monetizing your WordPress site:

  • Membership Programs usually offer the entry level for free, then provide a premium level for a monthly fee.
  • Affiliate Marketing programs pay you for sending new customers who purchase what you recommend.
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising programs pay you when people click a link that appears on your site.
  • Sell Ad Space once you establish a popular information site
  • Sell your own
    • Digital products/instant delivery
    • Physical products
    • Services
    • Consulting
    • Coaching
  • Donations to assure that your valuable site will continue to be provided
  • Sponsored
    • Direct Sponsors, acknowledged and promoted on your site, pages or posts.
    • Sponsored posts and articles, written and submitted by others
  • Lead Generation for external companies
  • Build an E-mail List for off-site marketing. (Be careful to not SPAM!)
  • Build an Online Store either for your own products, or for selected products from affiliate stores.
  • Sell Your Site to someone else for monetizing your subscribers.
  • ALL THESE AND MANY MORE which will be revealed to Blog 4 Bucks subscribers in depth and detail through “insider posts.” JOIN NOW

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